Family tradition

Stanislav Sucharda was born in the tragic war year 1866 to the Novopacky sculptor Antonín Suchard Jr. (1843-1911) and his wife Anna, née Šádková (1848-1924). Essential for his character was a harmonious family environment, in which the bohemian atmosphere was admirably combined with the awareness of belonging and co-responsibility for the lively operation of the family studio. Equally decisive for the artist's imagination was the native foothill region with its wild romantic nature, forests, and demons. The artistic tradition of the Suchard family dates back to the end of the 18th century when Jan Sucharda the Elder (1770-1820) trained in carving in the environment of the packed Paulanian monastery and began working as an independent artist. Almost all of his descendants then devoted themselves to artistic creation. Among them, we can find carvers, puppeteers, sculptors, painters, and architects. The unusually high number of female artists of the Suchards is remarkable for its time. Antonín Sucharda Jr. He opened a plant in Pace, producing and restoring church equipment, and participated in the decoration and modification of dozens of church interiors in the near and far vicinity. In addition to church furniture made both in historicist styles and later in the Art Nouveau style, Father Suchard's works also created stone, especially numerous tombstones. In addition to several other assistants, all members of the family, from the youngest to the oldest, took part in the operation of the workshop. Thus, Antonín's descendants Stanislav, Anna, Bohuslav, Vojta, and Miroslava learned from a young age to perceive works of art of all times and became acquainted especially with the long-surviving tradition of Baroque sculpture and carving in the Upper Elbe and Jičín regions. Stanislav thus took his first craftsmanship from the environment of a family workshop, which he will take over as the eldest son. After graduating from the Pardubice high school, Suchard's education continued in Prague, where he continued his studies of decorative drawing and modeling for two years at the School of Applied Arts under Josef V. Myslbek, of whom Suchard was the most talented pupil. In addition to inspiration from the work of Josef Mánes and Mikoláš Alša, which he greatly admired, Myslbek's influence was decisive for the beginnings of Suchard's work. Stanislav Sucharda's siblings also continued the family tradition, Anna married Boudová was an excellent potter, her son Cyril Bouda a well-known illustrator. Bohuslav took over the family workshop. Vojta was a sculptor and puppeteer, he founded the Puppet Empire, his wife Anna and his daughter Anna were academic painters, as well as his granddaughter Radana and her daughters. Miroslava was also an academic painter. Stanislav's children Marta and Stanislav also devoted themselves to art, Stanislav became an architect and Marta, married Sandtner, studied sculpture and her children, her daughter Marta was an opera singer at the National Theater and her son Jan studied engineering. Nevertheless, their creative artistic spirit has not been lost, Marta paints, Jan also paints, he deals with collages and glass finishing, his wife Blanka deals with ceramics.