Stanislav Sucharda

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Suchardova vila

Sucharda's villa is a major work from early phase of Kotera's oeuvre, in which the influences of English architecture were combined with elements of Czech ethnology. Sucharda had a significant share in creating the final appearance of the exterior and the interiors of his residence, which incorporated several of his works. The main parts of Sucharda's villa are still preserved today in the state in which they were designed by Kotera, more than a century ago, including the interior details. It is thus the only villa designed by this major founding figure of modern Czech architecture to have been preserved virtually intact.

Projekt Suchadovy vily od Jana Kotěry
Vila Sucharda novostavba
Vila Sucharda 90 léta
Vila Sucharda 90 léta
Vila Sucharda 90 léta
Vila Sucharda 90 léta
Vila Sucharda hala "Praha a Vltava"
Vila Sucharda hala "Praha a Vltava" detail
Vila Sucharda okno v hale
Vila Sucharda salónek v hale
Vila Sucharda okno v salónku
Vila Sucharda jídelna